Thank you for registering in Griffin Valley Ranch’s Summer 5-7 year old Camp.

Please refer to; for a camp checklist and additional camp information.


CLICK HERE FOR A GOOGLE MAP TO OUR RANCH. Please use this as Google Maps and GPS are incorrect and we would hate for you to miss out on your camper’s accomplishments!!

Please note:


  • All fees must be paid in full on or before May 1st, 2019.

To pay your fees:

a) Please send money transfer to for the amount of $299.25

b) Security question: The answer to this question will be the first name of your child enrolled in camp (all lower case). Note: if you are paying for multiple campers please only submit the answer to the security question with the eldest child’s name.

c) Please include in the memo your first and last name and your child's last name (if it differs from yours).

d) If you are not able to send an email transfer let us know and we can send you a Stripe invoice that can be paid with a credit card.


  • Print off and fill out completely our CHILD ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISK AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY DOCUMENT (document must be presented to bus leader on the first morning of camp) and our ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT DOCUMENT (document must be presented to bus leader on the first morning of camp)
  • Just a reminder that we will have a “meet your favorite pony” day on Thursday at 2:30pm of the week that your child is registered for camp. We invite parents to come out and participate and bring carrots and apples for the ponies.


Thank you for choosing Griffin Valley Ranch for your child’s horseback experience!

Happy Trails,


Griffin Valley Ranch Inc

403 932 RIDE (7433)